Wow companies can be so inconsiderate when interviewing candidates. They’ve scheduled me for interviews at a days notice, and when I can’t make the interview they blame it on me!! Like who tf do they think they are!?! They hold all the power I guess. Ughh so frustrated with their interview process. This is the first time I have told an interviewer that I don’t think the company is a good fit for me, thanked them for their time and left. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

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    With that attitude you won't get any job any time soon. Every company is shit and they treat their workers as slavery back in days they put slavery through physical pain but today employees are suffering from unnecessary mental pain.
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    @aitkotw “every company is shit” is where you are wrong... I’ve definitely worked/am working for some awesome companies that respect their employees.
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    @linkedlist yeah my bad, everything is shit
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    @linkedlist I think if anything the experience made me appreciate my current employer 100x more. I would caution you from going into a company expecting to get treated like shit and accepting getting treated like shit, know your worth.
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