Okay, So lately, I have updated to the new MacOS High Sierra. I was at first worried that it might cause a lot of bugs with most of my applications, but for now, everything is fine, but my browser Firefox.

Suddenly, after the update, firefox started becoming slow. Really quite slow. I looked at the activity monitor, looked at cache, nothing. When I go into fullscreen in HTML5 videos, the lower part does not go fullscreen and leaves a FUCKING SPACE THAT SHOWS MY FUCKING DESKTOP. I can fix the bug my turning auto hiding, but I use my dock a lot, and welp, I do not want to give up things that I use everyday, just because of a simple bug. Mozilla was apperantely notified about this glitch as soon as the BETA of the OS, but welp, they have not fixed anything yet. FML. How the hell am I supposed to browse devrant with a buggy browser?


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    @Artemix you're forgetting that they have released the FULL version. And guess what? I CAN'T EASILY REINSTALL MY BACKUP. Wanna know why? Because apple made a new filesystem. If I want to get my backup, I have to completely erase my drive, format it back to HFS+, and only then I will be able to install the backup. I mean, no biggie, but still, WTF apple. You promised that the new update will make my SSD faster and that the computer should operate completely without any fault. IF THERE ARE BUGS IN YOUR OS, WHY THE HELL DO YOU RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC, LISTED AS A FULL VERSION YOU FUCKING MORONS.
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