Speaking of shitty situations

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    @GodHatesMe At least it can be fixed. If Windows decides to break you need to reinstall, because of the lack of log files and informative error messages.
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    Run a vm in windows or live USB
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    That company has a bad case of "lazy or incompetent IT guy"
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    @GodHatesMe sounds like user error
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    CentOS, Linux 3.1!!!!!!
    We use the same distro/kernel where I work, and IT support for it is very, very shit.

    WTF is up with companies using this combination? I get that people think CentOS is a shittier, free version of RHEL, but damn. Use Fedora for fuck's sake, at least it's using a relatively recent kernel! Is there some kind of cheapass handbook out there that recommends this?
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    @GodHatesMe Hahaha u mad breh?
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    Oh you mean, leave all work and install Debian on this PC
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    @GodHatesMe well that are typical symptoms of madness
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    HELLO! @GodHatesMe
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    @GodHatesMe 🤛
    doesn't change, that:
    any Linux > Windows
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    @nosoup4u what about openSUSE Leap? Essentially SLES but as a community project. Heck they are working on a direct upgrade path from Leap to SLES atm. Tumbleweed is too fast moving for a school environment IMO so I would only recommend that for power users.
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    @Zennoe Never used it, honestly. My biggest frustration with CentOS is that a lot of the stuff it comes with is really old.
    That wouldn't be a problem if our IT guys knew their asses from a hole in the ground, so I guess I'm misdirecting my label of "shitty".

    They say a man's only as good as his tools, but that's not always the case.
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    @nosoup4u you should use it my friend. they are on kernel 4.2 but backported quite a lot of drivers. software is quite recent on release as well.
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