Poor Dijkstra is probably crying in his grave because my professor calls him "digest-tra" 😢 feelsbadman

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    Here my prof says
    DJ (Dee-Jay) - Kastra (Kästra)
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    Sounds like colon-cleansing medication.
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    @pacohojaverde try our new digest-tra algorithm! Mathematically Proven to help find the best route out of your digestive system!
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    @Cukes- True... Very true. 🤣
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    We couldn't figure out how to pronounce the 'D' at the beginning so we just called him 'Jeekstra'
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    And the correct one is dɛikstra (from Wikipedia)
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    Don't know what that Wikipedia stuff is but English speaker would probably write it like Dykestrah if you heard pronounced by a fellow Dutchman.
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    Yeah dyke-stra. I went to a school where they actually knew what they were talking about, lol. Some of these horror stories …
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