My teachers rant: "Who invented whiteboard markers? *trying to write some code on the board, but the marker went dry* What every happened to black boards and chalk. Chalk never gets dry.... I going to have to look that up" LOL, man I love him. He is so old that its funny and cute at the same time

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    Gotta be honest, blackboards are much nicer to use than whiteboards imo
    Doesn't dry up, always clear writing down to the last stump, and you're never in doubt when it's time to grab a new piece
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    @ElectricCoffee the squeeking sound of the chalk though
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    @xalez literally never had that happen and I use chalk every day
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    @ElectricCoffee maybe it's the cheap stuff then :D
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    @xalez mine or yours?
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    @ElectricCoffee mine .. well not mine, I don't have chalk, but the squeeky ones I hear sometime
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    @xalez break it in half and use the broken part to draw and you avoid the sound.

    Use a fresh one with the end flat against the board and you pierce the ears of every one in the block ;)
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    @Voxera ooooh .. it's the large surface area?? tempted to get a blackboard to try it out
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    @xalez yes and a regular shape of the chalk that causes vibrations.

    A broken one is irregular and that lessens vibrations. Also the broken end does not have a flat area that can enhance the vibrations.
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    You guys are forgetting the way chalk behaves when the blackboard is wet. Once it's wet you can pretty much forget seeing what's written on it, until it dries when you can kind of see what's on there...
    And sometimes you can get away with using a dry sponge to erase the chalk, but often you'll need to use a wet one to clear the board...

    I also hate the feeling of getting wet chalk on my hands.

    With that said, like you all obviously know, whiteboards have their own problems and I'm actually 50/50 between the two...
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    Chalk dust is vile though.
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    Black boards are the blackest theme for class...

    Anyway... Do you remember that some people are allergic to chalk? And all that dust...
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    Lol. Chalk never dries cos it is already dry.
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    Whiteboards can be cleaned clear with alcohol usually. But yeah, a blackboard just needs water intead..
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    I prefer whiteboards... chalk dust flies on my laptop and THAT is irritating ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
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