I spent the last 3 months trying to hire new developers for my team. I found someone experienced who is great and a graduate, who is, well, a graduate.

For some reason he thinks he knows everything about our framework he has never used and seems to think he knows how everything works in our codebase which he has never seen.

That’s fine. I’ve had my share of cocky developers.

But what confuses me is that when I ask him what critical bugs are left, he reels off two significant ones. I ask what it will take to fix it. Of course he says he knows how to fix it. So I say great. Then fix it and let’s move on to a more fun part of our project.

Suddenly he didn’t know where he problem was and so I told him he had to investigate and come back with something concrete.

It’s just frustrating managing this developer who is deceitful.

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    Told you you should have hired me.
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    this rant started with "I found someone experienced who is great"

    well... that was deceitful😂
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    Well, Sounds like the typical milenial to me.
    Milenial question?
    Heard of it?
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    Oh and then one of our team was attacked by a moped gang and this millennial decided that it would be fine to put “attacked by a smooth criminal” on the teams group chat. Wtf
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    WTF? Moped gang?
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    Welcome to London
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    I never heard about moped gangs when I lived there... Worst crimes I heard of were the pizza thieves.

    Oh, and that one murder in the building I lived in.
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    Was that you?
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    Nah, I'm not into murder.
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    Exactly what a murderer would say!

    ; )
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