My new job is giving me a budget for getting a new laptop, looking for some recommendations on good programmer brands, somewhere in the neighborhood of $1800-$2000 USD (not including tax/shipping). I'm looking at the Dell XPS 15, beautiful screen but poor quality reviews. Also, looking at ASUS Zenbook line. Any thoughts on those brands? Any other brands I should look at? I need to run Windows natively, so MBP is out.

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    My friend had to buy three Dell laptops to get one that wasn't effing up, but I have to say great laptops overall..... If you get one thats not a lemon or has any issues
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    You can run Windows natively on mbp.
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    Well Razer with their blade 14 but you can really get fucked with those devices.
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    I really like some of the higher-end zenbooks, although I have never owned one so I can't say how they hold up to the test of time. The xps line up is great although they do have some problems... A friend of mine had his first model replaced after a just few months because it stopped working (faulty MB) and now after about 2 years it is bending a little bit because of the heat. Very annoying.
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    @cwizard Ugh that sucks, on paper the one I'm looking at is amazing, and I love the infinity display. But unfortunately too many reviews hint at problems. The Zenbooks I'm looking at don't have as new of an i7 as xps's though. Probably not enough to notice any difference maybe.
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    You will probably notice.

    They move more and more into hardware, which then saves battery life and performs better.

    Actually, the time to wait is now.

    Intel just paper launched their new chips, and laptops come first.
    You should soon see laptops with both the new AMD and intel chips.

    I'd say wait till end of the month.
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    Well, it actually doesn't matter.
    Dell XPSs are normally pretty good.
    And basically every OEM has problems and horror stories.

    Except razer, they are the horror!

    Make sure you get a good warranty!
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    @mclark1129 Maybe he was just unlucky, the look and feel is great and so is the performance. Don't let my story alone scare you of. I hear lots of great things about the xps as well!
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    @cwizard @RageBone yeah I've still been looking at the XPS, it just keeps calling to me, plus it has the i7-7700HQ CPU!
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    Get the XPS 15 ultrabook. I get one at my new work and they are amazing. If.you want to spend.a bit.more, you can add the 4k Touch Screen as well.
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    @dsteiner I'm thinking I might get one after all. I'm actually thinking of sticking with that FHD screen, because it's cheaper and has way better battery life than the 4k.
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    @dsteiner @RageBone Well I did it, XPS 15 and docking station headed my way!
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    @MonsieurMan mainly because they are unsexy and heavy. I've got a Lenovo and I love it but it's heavy as fuck.
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    @MonsieurMan I was looking at a Thinkpad p51s, and it was coming pretty close to being the one. However the thing that made me pick the XPS over the P51 was the processor. I'm no hardware expert but when I was researching the i7-7700hq (xps) completely outmatched the i7-7600U (p51s). For one it's a quad core where the thinkpad only had dual core.
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