Is QA bad at all companies or just mine? We ask QA to test changes from a list of changes. They come back with existing bugs outside the scope of what they were testing. Waste our time talking about irrelevant and out of scope bugs, then when corrected they respond "what would you like me to test?" Then I try to refrain from snapping and say "test the original items on the list like we originally asked you too... Agh. I really don't like working with our QA. They slow everything down, they cause delays because they don't grasp things. And it wastes our dev time, we talk about the same things over and over. Ugh.

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    After doing QA for a couple years I can say the best QAs are the ones that understand software. The people I worked with were good at finding bugs but not so good at understanding why the bug was occurring. Most of them had a hard time understanding scope and how to stay inside it.
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    Sounds like a misunderstanding.
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