I don't know if it was the best moment, but learning this in python..

From Allison Kaptur btw.

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    Wow. That's fascinating! :0 I had never thought to try strings and tuples with mod
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    How does mod work with a string?
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    @SpencerBeige if you do thing like this:
    "some string with %s or other %d" % ("text", 10)
    Output will be
    "some string with text or other 10"

    It is the way to pass values to string (string formatting). In this case u had a%b that for numbers is modulo, but if you replace those with values in example they will not be interpreted as modulo, but as string formatting
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    Ohhhhh. Duhh o_0 I knew that. Interesting way to write that tho
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