The best thing about perl is it doesn't care about errors and really tries to do what you ask, without throwing exceptions.
The worst? It does exactly what you ask, no matter how insane.
Typed $arri[ $0 ] instead of $arr[0] inside a function that detected what changes were needed in dns zones. $0 is script name and path, strings are converted to integers as needed and there's a little thing called vivification.
You see where this train wreck is going.
Also my dog died today.
Got to love Mondays :/

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    Again @dfox we need a -- that is actually a ++ because this is sad and ++ing makes me think I am happy about a terrible thing. @trogus get on it 😜

    Seriously @nbamaral sorry to hear your day has sucked. And definitely sorry to hear about your doggo 😢😢😢

    Hope it gets better 🤗🤗🤗 (there is no sympathetic hug emoji sorry)
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    Oh, thanks, she is in peace now, no more pain. She was a kind pure soul.
    And no worries about the++ I got it. :)
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    @projektaquarius I think ++ actually just means this is good content more people should see this. Rather then the traditional emoticons that stuff like Facebook offers.

    I think this is awesome since it allows for both happy and frustrating stories to get to the top.

    It also encourages you to join the conversation since you can't simply express your pleasure or displeasure with a click.
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    @orto oh I know. I am still stuck in a Facebook mindset I guess.
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    Really? Not a lot of people uses it anymore, but I love it because it's portable, fast. Not always readable, but that's the author choice. I'm a systems guy and perl still makes sense as the glue.
    Her name was sacha, she was my dog for 13 years, since I left my parents home. A cross breed between dalmatian and boxer, a truly sweet dog that loved people and cats :)
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    @nbamaral I don't get why people don't use it anymore. Hating on JavaScript weirdness I get, but perl isn't that weird, it's just extremely dense, or can be at least. I love the magic of perl and what you can do with it, that would require pages of code in other languages. Also it's basically the tape of the Internet ;)
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    Thank you, sometimes I feel like a cobol dinossaur 😊
    Perl solves problems (creating entirely new ones) and I can use the same code for cgi or cli.
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    Perl , when you want to rapidly change the world ( for bad or for good )
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    When you have a problem and decide to use regex. Now you have 2 problems 😄
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    @nbamaral actually the only Problem I have with regexes ist, that they are write only ;)
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    Ahahah, I mean you can actually comment them, but where's the fun in it?
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