If you are boy I will name you Pascal, if you are a girl I will name you Luna

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    Pascal isn't a nice name (sry if a Pascal reads this) but Luna is very mystic and good sounding name

    BTW, I guess this is a repost :)
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    If its a repost I wish the one that post it bother to wrote something witty at least instead of just go, nah fuck it, uploading lel
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    Ah shit, it seems this is my first post that is treading, gotta make good use of it, ehm... lets see:
    plox come take a look and join my site
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    Gotta say that my actual OC rant I posted a few days ago didnt even got some attention yet this stuff that I didnt made got alot... my life is suffering, please end it already
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    😂😂😂 Made my day
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    Can't stop laugh about this :D
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    My baby girl was born last week and named her luna. My wife and I loved the name and my name is Jupiter so we have a theme going. True story 😂
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    shouldn't it be Lua?
    Btw, arrays start at one,
    the subscript specifies how many elements to skip:
    v[n] = *(v+n)
    Read: The value at v, shifted by n
    (or n skipped)
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    You must really hate MATLAB.
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    @ac1235 too obvious/not witty enough, it breaks the flow of joke also Lua = moon in Portuguese, Luna = moon in Latin, also an actual name that is given to girls
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    @legionfrontier Then Julia would be funnier, since it is a name for women and also a programming language with base-1 subscription.
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    @ac1235 I know about it, didnt use it since Lua is more well know and perhaps easier or so I thought for people to get the joke about it, I dont think many people knew about that language... and I also happen to prefer the name Luna, if I ever live enough to have a children and end having a daughter, wouldnt mind perhaps naming her Luna
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