I have a whatsapp group with my friends, none of which are techies. A while ago one of them was looking for a phone to buy, so he started looking at models, specs and all that, but got pretty confused and asked a pretty well-informed question to the group:

"Guys, what is that quad core thing?
And what is a RAM? Is it something like the processor of the phone or what? "

OK, pretty typical stuff up until this point. The guy knows nothing about this sort of things, I wouldn't criticize him or insult him or anything like that. No, that's not the problem. The problem is the person that responded to him. This... This melted my brain so much I will never forget:

"Don't worry about that, you only have to look at how many gigahertz does the processor run at. Don't worry about the number of cores or ram. The GHz are the result of the amount of ram and cores, so the more the gigahertz, the better the phone."

PD: "Also take a look at how many megapixels does the camera have if you want to take photos".

Some people just talk out of their ass and pretend like they're experts on any topic they've read about for 5 minutes on the Internet

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    Ouch that hurts
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    Not sure what you expect from people who voluntary run WhatsApp..
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    I relate so much. Especially everyone who uses buzzwords. If they didn't then they might have genuinely tried to understand but they still understood wrong, while if they used buzzwords, they're probably pulling it from their ass.
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    Well, atleast he was mostly right about the megapixels for the camera part ^^
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    @corjaantje aperture, sensor size, low light performance.. Hell even the availability of a flash on a mobile phone are relevant too
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    @corjaantje A Bad Image stored in lots of pixels is worth nothing..
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    The funny part is that understanding the basics of hardware for a phone IS a 5 min read
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