Im at TechDays 2017
Its mostly about microsoft.

All the microsoft speakers use a macbook.
The only non microsoft speaker I saw used a microsoft tablet and had issues.

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    What are they actually promoting? 🤦
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    C#, Azure, other microsoft code stuff
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    lool maybe they are promoting for other platforms, since you said C# and azure, maybe they are there to promote latest Visual studio for Mac which ads azure templates and for DotNet core 2?
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    Microsoft now is all about trying to appeal to Mac and Linux users to alleviate their hatred for Microsoft related products and to show people that Microsoft is not only about Windows. I'd bet it was company policy to use a Mac.
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    Microsoft has been doing this for years. Embrace, extend, extinguish.

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    @mt3o ... Wow. That's concerning to say the least.
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