Making an Android app for a group project. Of course, no one besides me in the team knows anything about Java, or Android, or life, apparently.

A guy "worked" on some small feature for 90 minutes last night before calling me for help. He can't comprehend git so he sends me a message containing his spaghetti code. I proceed to bang it out quickly the right way with him on a Skype call watching my screen but he isn't asking any questions or contributing at all. We have an approaching deadline so I am beyond coaching this guy.

We go to test it out and I had forgotten a line. Simple fix, but it prevents the feature from working as intended. Rather than being remotely helpful the guy gets an attitude about how I write buggy code and that the feature should be robust. I fix it and he slinks back to silence.

Cool. Thanks for the help bro. Glad you could contribute.

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    Story of my life. Had 2 people in my team for an HTML & CSS project and guess what? I got third place just for having these oafs on my team because "I wasn't working alone".

    I fucking swear, working solo is actually EASIER than having to waste time and energy refactoring spagetti code and explaining Git...
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    As that one dude once pointed out, what one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two.
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    @JustMrBates as I was reading this post I had that quote in mind
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    Another one of Fred Brooks great quotes on the topic "nine women can't make a baby in one month"
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