Do you guys also go full blind when some retard shows you his screen with full brightness and no dark theme?

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    @irene is this really caused by shortsightedness? I know I'm a bit shortsighted and I often use light themes since I often seem to have problems reading text on dark backgrounds (especially on my phone, I have a dark shell theme though).
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    @irene @JustKidding yeah. I'm short sighted too. But I wear corrective spectacles and dark theme is perfect for me.
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    @byte-me well I don't but I probably should. Besides that it isn't that I can't read the text or so but it's somehow much more exhausting to read bright text on a dark background. In my shell, which has a dark theme, I use a theme with less contrast.
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    @irene well I don't have glasses (some people say I should have some though). And on a screen, low contrast is easier to read in dark themes than bright text.
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    When people call DARcula DRAcula...
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