when you google your thoughts even if you don't expect to find any result, but surprisingly you discover that you're not alone :')

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    I thought I downloaded the wrong thing. I was like "did I just downloaded the office thing ?"
    Then no.. they changed for the worse...
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    I don't give a shit how nice the icon looks, as long as it works the same I'm fine with it.
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    I never get why they change an icon when everyone is perfectly fine with it? No one wanted it changed, so why did they change it? Why don't they concentrate on something useful instead?
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    @catintroholic they changed more than the icon in the update.

    The last update, with the major version, improved the integrated terminal speed, and as a side effect it broke my Powerine Fonts so my bullet-train theme displayed like shit.
    With the icon update, they also fixed that rendering problem, but now the text looks like a fucking fart all together, but at least it's consistently a fart.

    To update the icon is super fast and easy, especially when the icon is just a HUE transformation of the Visual Studio 2017 icon, with a deleted line.
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    I did exactly the same thing! Although tbh I don't mind it, however maybe that's because I don't have an orange background (apparently some people can no longer find the shortcut, lol)
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    Well just change the icon theme
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    Actually I like it. But the color is ugly
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    I don't care about icons, but anyway ms always changed icon every major version of vs, now the unified the style of vs and vs code, just different color... And if you care there is even a post about why and how they choosed this.

    P. S.
    Usually developers and technical pronect managers are not involved in this process, so there is no point to say: they should focus on other things, ms is not a 3 people company :)
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    @GodHatesMe I was thinking about doing that too a while back, but I need stability first of all, as sometimes the bugs that I handle are quite critical.
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    And it's a really interesting reading, for people that just think there is no reason to change the icon, they are bad people, and they should focus on bugs (when obviously who works on bugs clearly has nothing to do with the icon)
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