Am I the only one that likes doing things alone?

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    Yeah you're alone
    But not the only one.
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    Nope, not true. You're not alone.
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    You just need to find someone like you, is it me? maybe
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    I think both working alone and with others has its pros and cons.

    When I work alone planning is a lot easier, since I don't need to SCRUM or anything like that to keep everyone informed.
    Making big decisions mid-way through that changes the project is more acceptable. at least technical-wise, I don't think the client would like it otherwise.
    Plus I don't rely on others, which can be a pain 😋

    But when I work with others I have more motivation.
    And with more minds you can come up with more ideas.
    Plus you can learn from each other, and it's much easier to solve a problem together.
    I also really like the company of other productive people.
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    > am I the only one...(anything)
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    You're not alone my introvert friend.
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    Nope, fuck teams lol
    Opinion might change when I get to work with people who aren't client level stupid :/
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