Can anyone help me choose an antivirus for Windows ? If it is free it would be great !!

I am a full time linux lover, but I have to set up a windows pc for my parents, possibly win 7 on Intel NUC with atom processor.

The requirement is just ms office and similar applications.

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    Bitdefender is pretty lighweight
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    Avast antivirus, register your email and get 1year free
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    Windows defender / Microsoft security essentials ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @aitkotw avast started no seriously piss me off with their constant notification balloons. love it but damn. And avira just tries to do too much.
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    @penderis sorry to here that but I don't get those many popups and with large display it doesn't really bothers me that much, I know it will fade away in couple of seconds.
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    Despite the recent hack by Israelis and Putin botnet, Kaspersky' still the best imo.
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    Win10 + basic ms-tool.
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    Sophos home is great with cloud console. You can manage upto 10 computers freely. Running on 4 home computers.
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    @catintroholic @oscarascal @LeonLaci @CWins @Charon92 I have heard windows defender is not as good on win 7 as that on win 10...

    But I reallyy hate the control panel done shit in win 10, so it would be very hard for me to debug anything over the phone if something went wrong...
    Hence going for good old win7
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    @-Sam- haven't heard of it anywhere .. is it trustful ?
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    @prajankya I've heard of it, but I never thought it's a full antivirus suite
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    uBlock Origin should help a lot
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    Install Windows 10 and TeamViewer. Telephone support without seeing the screen sucks anyway.
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    @CWins thanks, going forward with that..
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