Is it just me or do others also question their decisions regularly during a project?

Is this the best framework to accomplish this task? Should really I name the function like this?...

Currently thinking about whether Qt is the right framework for (cross platform) app development. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side...

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    It's a 'cognitive bias' to base some decisions on too much information.
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    Yup. I have an almost finished project that I'm gonna redo in React Native now. Lots of work to redo, but it's better for maintainability and code reuse
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    Yes! Which is why my current project already has version 2 and version 3 branches in various states of refactor/reframeworking despite the fact that version 1 isn't complete yet!
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    Always. But I think we're the cause of this as much as the victims. If you scope something requiring anything more than 3 months, it's just about guaranteed there will be new versions of your components and you'll have read about new ways you could develop some part or other.

    A fundamental architectural mistake is a different thing. If it gets to the point where you simply cannot fulfil your obligations using what you have, you need to make changes or alter deliverables. Otherwise, see it through and consider rework for later versions or other projects completely.
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    If you spend that long questioning yourself on decisions during a project, you didn't spend long enough planning it.
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    I think it's often not about how long you have spend thinking about it. At some point you have to make a decision and usually you don't know every detail about it at this point.

    e.q frameworks: Even if you tried a few small examples in that framework you most probably just scratched the surface. So when the project matures and gets bigger you realize that your framework has also some disadvantages/ "not so nice things". At this point now it's pretty easy to look at other frameworks and questioning your own decision (not knowing that other frameworks have disadvantages too). Yeah it's always the grass that's greener on the other side..
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