I actually learned alot about software development after getting a job and doing it for a year, but not in my 4 years of B. Tech Education.

- Frustrated Indian

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    Basically they teach how to pass the exams not the actual syllabus.
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    I knew what I was doing at 12 though so I also breezed through it all...

    Day 1 education should be having your mom call you with an insane, self contradictory requirement and force you to implement it...

    “You’re ready for the business users”

    I learned more about the way development is done in my first year in industry than could ever be taught using conventional means.
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    The teaching method, languages everything should change.
    Everyone in the education system thinks that it's still the 90's!
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    I'm not saying 90's was bad, I'm just saying we have an upgraded version of all the best technologies from that time.
    Why do we have to learn what was in the 90's?

    And you don't think the technologies that is available now is not better than what was in the 90's? Bullshit!
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    From one Indian to another, whatever they taught during the degree, you won't use or remember any of it.
    The only thing that comes in handy is the superpower we acquired during the college to somehow finish the assignments before the deadlines.. *wink wink
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