What would be the processing power of a computer the size of the Milky Way? Would we still use nano tech or would we have transisters the size of planets/stars, logic gates the size of solar systems? Theoretically this is possible, yes?

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    I don't think we'd be able to find enough materials to pull this off, the universe is mostly empty.
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    Then we have to scale ourselves 1000000times more than them, and if we are on a galactic level, I'm thinking the whole universe will be the size of the palm of hand of human, so too much theories for today
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    The amount of heat it would produce would probably burn whatever was left anyway
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    Android Studio and VS will load just in one hour! It's gonna be super fast.
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    You would lose a lot of processing power with big transistors and stuff, electricity can 't go faster than light speed :/
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    What about entangled electrons? I think that if they are spaced out efficiently, we could make assumptions about the state of electrons across the galaxy.
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