applying another credit card to rent a vps and the result is still denied by the bank. 😞

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    What do you need the vps for?

    have you tried AWS?
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    yes its for aws, and its required credit card to register and get 1 year free services @brevig
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    Ouch :/ Idea: you can always host your own probably! I host a devRant dev server on a Raspberry Pi running in my apartment :)
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    thx for the idea @dfox!! is it alright if i turn it on for long time?
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    I've actually setup a server at home as well. Runs on Intel Hex Core CPU's, ECC RAM and SSD RAID-10 setup for the disk drives. Pretty cool so far, not sure if electricity bill will be higher though, have to see by the end of the month. Perhaps a VPS is cheaper to rent :)
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    @mrwbsn You could always turn it off on the hours you won't need it? Don't know what you'll be using it for. If you need to run a service that has to be available 24/7 you can't turn it off, otherwise I don't see why you can't?
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    oh my bad, i misread that @dfox use his pi server for development. @YoungWebRebelz
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    @mrwbsn You could use it 24/7 for a few years at least. SD Card might fail after a few years though, thats all.
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    @mrwbsn yeah it's fine, I've had mine one for like 6 months straight with no issues yet!
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    @YoungWebRebelz i will use the server as my development and production for my projects. if i build it from scratch like yours, there are more problems beside electricity. i need stable bandwidth also.
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