Since education has been industrialized on a large scale we will see more and more non geeky developers.. But I think geeky developers are always better.. What do you think?

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    maybe not geeky developers, rather self-motivated in the fact that they are not just doing it for the money, but because they want to.
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    @Alice because when you are not a geek you tend to miss the technical details that matter..
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    Geeky means you don't fit in, often you think outside the box because you live outside the box. Fuck the box.
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    I think, just going for a job because of the money is stupid.

    And I probably wouldn't hire people who don't show a fundamental interest for the job, a will to improve and grow.

    Not that I can or would hire people.
    But, at this point, fuck too generous application requirements, 100 years of job experience my ass!
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