Yeah my boss just stated that frontend Development takes no skill or talent. Anybody can do it.

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    Maybe he's talking about CMS?
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    Your boss is such a sweet summer child...
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    Yeah, kinda screwed up.
    His exact words were “frontend doesn’t require any talent or skill, we could teach anybody to do it”
    My question is “why would we have to teach them if there is no skill involved”

    To be quite honest, I know there are a lot of devs out there who don’t respect frontend... that said ... are you crazy?????????
    The only thing any client cares about is the frontend. It is the only thing they see, and as a result, the only thing they worry about.
    They don’t care about all the sweat and tears that went into indexing the DB. They only care if the frontend looks like the photoshop file they approved.
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    Frontend is very simple. You only need to make sure that a web app/page is pretty, fast and functional on every device and browser known to man both online and offline.
    Backend is technically more difficult but if it works on your server it's fine. Your code can be shit but you can mask it with expensive servers. And it doesn't change as fast as frontend.
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    @jsframework9000 I agree
    It is simple ... to someone who does it for a living. And it can be learned, if and only if you have a passion for it.
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    @lewdogg I was being sarcastic
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    @jsframework9000 I know. I am still very heated over this.
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