Big shoutout to @king; just took a look at your website and frameworks; i like. I'll be using that CSS framework of yours in the near future

And i saw a little error on its page. You have a paragraph pertaining to the nav under the cards example. Just letting ya know

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    @AllenII Glad you like Wing!

    Thanks for letting me know about that issue, I'll get that fixed ASAP.
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    @AllenII Fixed :D
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    Glad to hear it. I may try out Moon too, if i can find an excuse to. And i promise to star them when i do
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    @AllenII Cool, I really appreciate you checking them out! If you end up making something awesome feel free to reach out (via Twitter or email), and I’d love to give you some feedback.
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    Will do
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    @king wow I just saw the wing project, extremely minimal and straight up, I will use it on my next project.. 5kB :thumsup:
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