i said blacklist/whitelist without thinking about it instead of deny/allow, and got gently reminded about it, oof

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    Someone with SJW three times in their handle...

    How could you fall in such an insensitive matter?
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    @CoreFusionX the master won‘t be pleased
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    I'm force pushing this virtue signal to master.
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    No problem with using blacklist and master
    Anyone who interprets whatever other shit into it is retarded, especially when forcing their opinion on others
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    well, "blacklist" and "whitelist" are completely and 100% acceptable standard terms in technology, and if you disagree you're an idiot.
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    SJW feelies make me angry.
    It’s nothing but inventing problems in order to control others and cast everything in a racist light.

    Fuck the virtue signaling, and fuck the incessant racism it pushes.
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    Same here. It's manipulation parading as morality.
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    @ostream I'm sorry. Have some reparations.
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