Curved or flat screen?**

Also, suppose its curved, have you tried that in portrait? Any thoughts / advice?

For second screen

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    Do you have any model/reference in mind?
    I think for an ultrawide >= 34" it can be nice but depends how far you are from it. I would be a bit hesitant about using a curve for portrait mode though.

    PS: Keep in mind that I have not tried it.
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    Im looking at a Samsung 27" LC27F591FDLXZX
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    Got a 27" curved from Samsung.
    Curved is a nice to have but not at all that noticeable as you might think.
    What I'm saying: Don't expect that wow never going back factor. While switching between flats and curved I mostly don't notice a big difference.
    34" curved is a whole different story tho. Ultrawide curved are very nice to work on, especially the ones from Dell with the virtual screen split ability.
    Dont even think about portrait mode and it should be your primary screen.
    Looking on curved screens from an angle is weird
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    I used to wish I had a wide curved monitor. Now we have a couple in the office and after trying them I actually prefer my dual screen setup more. Main reason is that full screen stuff and window clipping works much better on dual screens. You don't need that much width and till there's a good way to split the wide screen in OS so all applications still take only half the space when full screen, I'll just stick with my dual setup.

    I've also tried the vertical setup, didn't like that either 😄

    I guess I'm a 16:9 fanboy 😄
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    @Kinman, will check the ones from Dell, sounds like two screens in one!
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