My weekend project. Anyone else built a Raspberry Pi 3 cluster (for Kubernetes)?

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    Seems interesting, what is it?
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    Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool. It makes container management easy across multiple nodes. As it is compatible with ARM, a Raspberry Pi cluster makes a good tool for experimenting with it :)
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    I'm thinking about doing something similar with other SBCs than RasPis.
    NanoPi Neo or OrangePi Zero for example.
    Getting rid oft all the useless stuff (Audio, Video etc.), reduce power consumption and double/tribble the number of devices at the same price.
    Also... Armbian is nicer to work on over SSH than Raspbian, in my opinion.

    Any recommendations? Whats the cheapest Linux SBC with ethernet, I could buy in bulk?
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    Got one on docker swarm, didn't use it as much as I wanted to ...maybe I'll switch it to kubernets.
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    @Anaeijon, I used HypriotOS on these Pi's, as that is an OS specifically tuned for container usage.

    I've looked at other SBCs as well. Orange Pi PC's looked interesting at 16 euros a piece. But the support is significantly less. That potentially increases how much you learn/struggle..

    Today I saw Pine A64's a 32 usd which have 2gb ram, which makes usage in a cluster interesting as well.
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    So why rpi? Wouldnt it work the same on a $400 Linux pc? Or is it more of a because I can sort of thing..
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    That's so cool, i wanted to do the exact thing, please keep us updated with how it will go with kubernetes.
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    @jamesharrington probably for testing distributed applications or some networking code.
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    @jamesharrington, you're right in that you could use VMs to experiment. But using real hardware is nice for several reasons. You can leave it running 24/7, and use it for actual purposes. You can pull the network cable and see Kubernetes react. It's also just a cool project, but has definitely advantages over running it virtually.
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    I followed http://ecliptik.com/Raspberry-Pi-Ku... which worked perfectly for me.

    My setup is:
    3x Pi3
    3x 16gb microsd
    1x Network switch
    1x USB power hub
    3x short Lan cable
    3x short microusb cable
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    Most of them you can get pretty cheap out of China. Found the Pi's for 30 euro at Gearbest, for example.
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