I'm curious to know, what was the first problem you've encountered, but solved through programming?

For me, since I'm a writer, I try to complete one random writing prompt a day.

However, I always have trouble deciding which one I should do. So, I created a prompt generator in Python.

Whenever I run the program it would display a random prompt.

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    First (for me at that time) big one: I wanted a music player in which I could type a song name, press enter and it would play it right away!

    Couldn't find it so I fucking wrote it.

    Felt like a fucking God afterwards!
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    @linuxxx That's why I want to be a programmer. I want to be able to make the things I need in my life lol
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    I had this boring job of basically converting PDF files to XML (manually).
    At some point, I figured that I could try to automate stuff... And an couple of days (or weeks) later, this giant script cut my work time into half, which made for a decent student job salary :-D
    This was my first real problem solving program I guess.
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    In my youth I was a big fan of flight sims and space flight sims. I played a space flight simulator called Orbiter for the longest time and eventually I got interested in the rocket science behind it.

    So I did what most first time programmers do and wrote a calculator app. Except this app would calculate launch azimuths. And since then I've made a career out of software developer.
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    I really liked watching this guy's stream on Twitch, but would always forget to tune in, so I made a Cron job that would open his stream at the scheduled time.
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    @linuxxx where is that program? Assuming that it's, obviously, Libre or at least OpenSource 😉🤔
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    I used to have an excel spreadsheet that I would use to have an overview of my finances, but I also wanted it to have the option of giving a future projection. Whenever I start a project, I use a different excel spreadsheet to list all the expenses and the expected financial gain from the project. I made a (very bad) program that imports both those excel files and I could select different projects, when I wanted to do them and then see how they will affect my personal finance. It could even show a line graph with future projection. I don't use it anymore because it had too many issues (for example it sometimes messed up which cell of the spreadsheet to use as "final balance" because it sometimes changed due to the list geting longer)
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    Worked at a vape shop in a shopping center, was just me and another guy. We were a branch of a larger company so we were left to manage everything ourselves.

    Weekend guy would frequently get people coming in saying "DLMousey promised me this through the week but it was out of stock", sometimes even coming in with a forged receipt, and he'd give them the item no questions asked, not even a quick SMS to sanity check.

    This was a serious problem, I'd started learning PHP and threw together a dinky little system that ran on a XAMPP server installed on the EPOS system, general idea being you log a complaint/problem, the actions you took to fix it (eg cleaned battery contacts, replaced part etc) and then printed a receipt for the customer that you scribble the ID of the issue onto, then it's easy to look up later on.

    This immediately fixed the problem, I was praised by head office for the proactive approach that saved them a lot of money, then was immediately laid off.

    Life's a bitch.
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    Wow, that's rough. Those guys made a mistake by firing you.
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    @Michelle yeah being let go sucked pretty hard I really enjoyed working there, was nice and laid back, plus I just generally love vaping so getting paid to vape all day and gush about how awesome it is to customers was pretty cool :) yeah it was retail but it beat working in warehouses :P

    I should make a bigger, better version of it and see if they want to buy it
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