i met an old friend in a mall and he start talk about linux

friend: hey i just installed arch linux in my laptop!
me: wow cool! you are so expert.
friend: btw i have a problem with it, how to change directory in their black screen?
me: cd?
friend: no! i didn't use cd. i use flashdisk to install it.
me: ah.. okay.

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    How did he even manage to install Arch^^
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    from arch tutorial, he just copy paste the code + luck. and he didn't install the desktop environment yet, because he said it was a black screen. i was installed arch more than 10 times to meet my preferences before, but i gave up. now i installed antergos as my main os, i have tell him to try it too.
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    fyi, antergos is arch derivative linux and its more meet my preferences than manjaro.
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