Double clicked a json file and now Windows is warming up visual studio. Kill me now.

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    Don't close it. Leave it open just in case you need it.

    And associate json files with something more reasonable - like one of JetBrains' IDEs 😇
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    @Oktokolo I'm afraid I'm too broke to afford JetBrains
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    @cygnus Yeah, it's a bit pricey. But the joke is that it isn't really that much faster to start either. Associate JSON files to some lightweight non-IDE syntax-highlighting editor.
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    and not configuring your file associations
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    Do that on macOS and the system will worm up XCode 😒
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    YDI for having visual studio installed in the first place.

    YDI for not having .json associated with notepad++.
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    @gitpush no it won’t
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