Client: We want it to run on both, windows and Linux servers.

Me: Why would you want such a thing?

Client: The user should be able to connect to the server, independently from what system he or she is using.

Me: So... should we setup a Mac OS X server too?

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    @Glarog they do exist. Any CI integration tool that build iOS/Mac app does use MacOS.
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    @Galrog proud to say there's a few on my campus 😍
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    @Galrog not proud to say I'm the only person that actually takes the time to work on them
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    @Galrog they manage profiles for devices; macOS login; one has a wiki on it (idk why); no CI at all xD

    They're mainly there to compare Linux to Windows to Mac. It started as a joke but then we got sucked in to the simplicity of it. I have no doubt that by the end of this academic year we'll have more running off of it. SSH and VIM are installed by default; but this is gonna sound disgusting, I find it hilarious: VNC over our internal Network, even across buildings, feels like you're actually on the Physical Machine. Now, with Mac to Mac VNC, you can have multiple users logged in at once which I find... Interesting.

    On top of all that; the joke that started it all was we wanted a virtual mac running on Proxmox. Then we were curious about macOS server... Now we have 2 virtual macOS servers, and one Physical that I use to link all of my personal computers together. My workstation now hosts a HP Hackintosh; and it's actually a lot of fun.

    Anti Mac for the sake of being anti Mac will be ignored/--'d but if anyone has questions about this I'd be happy to answer. Legit it's become one of my favourite projects XD

    There is a big downside though, while our macOS server connects to our LDAP for authentication, we want to reverse that and have our macOS server SERVE LDAP from the GUI. I'm 80% sure the GUI only helps with their Open/Active Directory stuff tho...
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    @Galrog in one of my former company the stage system for a product was hosted on a Mac mini. Running in vagrant. You can guess the performance of that system ^^
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    @Galrog the multiuser VNC gives each user a new screen; but is restricted to specific users
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    @Galrog if you're an admin, you can 'share' the screen with the user, but it shows a big pop-up that you're being watched
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    So you're charging triple?
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    @Kalvin They better have lmfao
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