Boss: “Our YouTube channel doesn’t look at all like our website.”

Me: “I’ve made it look as close to our branding as YouTube allows for with its limited editing controls.”

Boss: “This is unacceptable. I expected more from you.”

Me: “I cannot accept the blame for this. YouTube is setting the design parameters for all channels and I can only do so much.”

Boss: “You can call the YouTube, can’t you? Why didn’t you call them?”

Me: “.......and ask them....what?”

Boss: “You don’t ask! You tell! Our company has been around for 140 years. Our brand name carries that weight. They’ll change their design to what we need if you’re assertive enough.”

Me: “Ma’am, that’s just not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.”

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    Yes, the reputation of a company is what's going to make another company do what they tell them too πŸ˜‚
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    That's a tough one lol
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    I hate bosses that basically tell you to go be a dick and endure a very well avoidable shitstorm.
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    I had to 'customise' paypal payment page... And if that wasn't possible, make our own form and post data to real paypal form.. This memory brings up so many headaches & facepalming & wanting to high5 a client in a head with a chair..
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    You'd be hard pressed to even find a phone number for YouTube
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    yes yes and do call Facebook so that your Facebook page looks exactly like your website. And make sure Apple and Microsoft change the UI of their systems to match your website. a 140 years old company deserves better! Don't let those huge companies stay in your way!
    Good luck working with this manager :\
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    This rant should be rebranded to match the 140 y/o company
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    @stevenliemberg you mean all devRant website, and also app! That company deserves better
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    Why didn't you suggest to co-call Google together with your boss and hear the response :p
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    This is unacceptable! We as a company don't like the UI of all websites. Call them all and tell them to redesign their sites.
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    Yep... been there... fuck these kinds of idiots.

    I usually counter with brand recognition headcounts. But it sounds like you got the job done.
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    >call the YouTube
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    @lotd Right? Except as someone else suggested, good luck even finding a phone number for “the YouTube”. But that definitely would have been epic, watching her fall on her face on that call.
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    Why don't you call them and ask for a change in design? 'Your boss demands it!'

    They would have something funny to tell and it's a great thing to rant about.
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    That doesn't even work for @theNSA. They found an exploit in Google Maps that allow people to swop out the public phone numbers, so anyone with a PC can anonymously phone tap the NSA. They told Google to shut it down until it was fixed. Google turned it off for a week, until things died down, and then put Maps back online without changing a thing! (last I checked, the exsploit still exsisted)

    Authority holds little power between companies.
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    Nope, Google told you to "go to hell". :P

    That's something only Google can do.. I don't think Microsoft holds that kind of power..
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    Ohh! My bad! It was the Secret Service..

    Source: https://youtu.be/5c6AADI7Pb4
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    Well technically speaking here, you could add a description under every video that your YouTube channel is best viewed with certain styles and add redirect the user to the proper plugin and styles. We did that some time ago to match YouTube fonts with ours but the whole idea was not very successful. It could shut your boss up though.. Just food for thought...
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    Summon the YouTube!!!
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    @cyberlord64 this was back in 2009, but even that wouldn’t have been sufficient for her. LOL
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    Call YouTube..lmao
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    @stackodev It was? Hey this is how I do YouTube dark nowdays and it's pretty awesome...
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    140 years old company, ??? They could have buy you tube if that boss's idea worked.
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    Oh my... This made me laugh.😁
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    Maybe you should considering to quit.
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    Dude, if I'm in your place, I would say, I called them mam, but those ppl wanted to talk to higher iq ppl like you🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫, please have a word with them.. and I'll give my friends phone number to have fun.
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    @Dominic that was in 2009. They laid me off in 2014.
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    I'd slap 'em if I were you.
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    Here, take this and don't make any excuses πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    *I wanna meet your boss though, he sounds intelligently funny.
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    Congrats on reaching 500++ @stackodev πŸ˜‰
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    Many a times what your boss needs is just a "let me check that" attitude.. They don't want you to prove them wrong verbally
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    Had a client that tried to fire my team because "their website" was still showing all kinds of negative content about their company and himself personally.

    They were Google search results from other websites...πŸ˜‘
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    Just wanted to say this:

    Holy fuck thats a huge fucking idiot!!!!
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    I hate these fucking people.
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    @Aitkotw I wished this page existed in 2009.
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    If you have actually called them and if they were in a good mood, they would have redirected you to their sales people. The sales guys would have listened to you and told one of their cloud partners. Those cloud partners would have assured you that building your own video solution can be an option using Google Cloud and guess what, they even have their development team to help clients like you to solve these kinds of problems.

    I know because I work in one of those Cloud Partners and even though I am not part of Google cloud team, I have been part of many such discussions. The sales guys will sell anything that you want.
    One of our guy told the client that the problem they are facing, can be easily solved by WhatsApp. He even proved that it'll work. He was fired (I didn't like him anyway)
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    @creator I don’t think any of what you’re recommending existed in 2009. But maybe it did and I just didn’t realize it.
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    Please let this be the site you deleted.
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    @Pavr I would already be wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of the Hudson Bay if it had been the site I deleted.
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    @fighter "This is unacceptable. I expected more from you"

    Sounds familiar?
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    @ineptCoder "That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works". If only we could muster the courage to say this...
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    @fighter if only he could get his head out of his ass to understand this.
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    That actually happened ?! Wow
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    @lmute yup. She was literally old enough to be my mom, so that’s where she was coming from. I expected her to next say “and fix my printer before you leave”.
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    @st@stackodev hahah@stackodev hahah omggg that's too much. Lol
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    You made my day
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    Dude just call Mr.Youtube
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    While I understand the desire to leverage our brand's influence, platforms like YouTube have standardized design frameworks that apply to all users, regardless of brand stature. Directly influencing their design policy isn't feasible. However, we can focus on creating impactful content that resonates with our brand values. Additionally, we can explore other digital strategies, like we did with our branding for brokers campaign like https://solar-digital.com/portfolio... This approach leveraged our brand identity effectively within platform constraints and can be a model for our YouTube strategy
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    He remembers the pre-2013 YouTube.
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    @NotWhoIUsedToBe Do you mean the YouTube channel?
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