I know this is devrant, but I don't care. If you don't like it, dislike this, move on with you day, and you won't ever see a "Random" post again.

So I have this PhysEng teacher and he is a super nice guy but some aspects of him can be down right annoying.

We had to write this conclusion for a lab we did and this retard said it didn't count because I never turned the conclusion in (What he meant was that I didn't glue the thing in, and he literally said that this means it doesn't exist.)

My grade is supposed to be a representation of how much I have learned, this should not mean that I get a 1 rather than a 100 because I didn't glue something.

He literally said for a different project that he doesn't want to focus on kindergarten things. For example, a first grader could do something easily, but our job is to mathematically prove why something works. But screw that, let's be a hypocrite! Let's focus only on cutting and gluing.

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    It's not devrant, it's devRant

    Other than that, sorry for you. I hate what such teachers do - I can ignore it but in IT-class?
    Man, your unlucky..
    Pretend to be polite and next time just apologize and say you'll glue next time.. such people can't and shouldn't be discussed with.. sorry mate
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    @BambuSource Meh, it's okay. Thanks for replying tho. I decided I should probably wait a day or two before sending an email, as my sarcasm flares up when I am especially annoyed.
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