So, I'm in my final month at the current job. THAT job. So far this week, the company has 3 new clients and another 2 potential ones (there's a dev 'team' of myself and one other guy even more junior than myself).

Manager comes in and proudly tells us he has another two potential clients he wants us to pitch to. One with a Drupal business site and another with an Umbraco (C#) site. Neither of us know them. At all. I have never touched Drupal and I've barely looked at C#.

The C# company is huge. FTSE listed. The 'big-boys'. He honestly thinks this is going to end well...

Fuck non-technical managers. Seriously.

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    Holy fuckness
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    @karma It is genuinely worrying.

    He seems to think learning languages and frameworks is a breeze...
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    Fuck it. Not your problem anymore.

    Just survive the month
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    @Froot I just feel so bad for the other developer and anyone who comes after me. They're going to have to deal with that shit more and more.

    You can't scale a company like that.

    I used to have to spend most evenings and weekends working to keep up with all the insanity. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.
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