A conversation between me and a girl who is a university topper from CS degree.

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    @busuu The same girl from the chat did also get into Amazon. Sounds so strange and awkward right?
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    @dotio Amazon's website isn't exactly in it's best state. There's a lot of improvements that even an experienced freelancer would know about.
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    @alcatraz627 That's true bruh!!
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    I hope you made it so clear to her that you think she is fucking stupid.
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    @HoloDreamer Yeah I do that too lot of people
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    @busuu I know that...
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    You have GOT to change your telegram chat background.
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    @busuu Pre or post divorce? If pre divorce it might be depressing but post divorce it'd be a nice repreive.
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    @busuu Ah, life is long, dude. You will experience all the things everyone else does in good time. Don't stress about it.
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    @dotio maybe she meant to say her battery problem may be bcoz she used her dad's charger sometimes, but still doesn't make much sense to me 😂.
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