Once, I used inspect element to change Google's image to one from a meme.

My mom legit freaked out and thought I had just hacked Google themselves, and because she wouldn't believe me, I had to wait two hours until my dad got home so he could explain. During which time, I was yelled at about how we were going to be "sued for millions".

If she only understood how inspect element works.

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    wk93 tag my dude
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    Welcome to devrant! :D
    Yes I see a lot of dumb people who thinks we're all hacking lol
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    Software engineer != Hacker
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    Meanwhile I just use it when I'm visiting my parents to make some of the websites my mom visits say ridiculous things... Don't mind me, just adding in a cup of beef broth on the apple pie recipe you had open (she's vegetatarian. No, she doesn't Crossfit, that's vegan)
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    @arpit1997 hacker != cracker
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    I truly appreciate my parents both believing I would have the ability to do that AND my explanations that I really don't.
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    Is there an extension for FF / Chrome to change the CSS / HTML on a specific site every visit?
    That could be nice for tailored design changes and etc.
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    @Noob yes it’s called “stylish” and it’s awesome
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    @SSDD @Noob stylish is fucking awesome
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