The word, "Code" being used as a verb,
'Big Data",
Any other crappy "Teach your kid to code!" Product,
And finally, mondays.

This is the comprehensive list of buzzwords and things in general that make me want to die right now

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    I agree with all except the "teach your kid how to code" (I like how you use code as a verb here) products.
    A lot of kids like it and it helps them learn how to solve problems by dividing them in smaller things. Yes its not programming like we do but they will learn a lot by doing it.
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    I especially agree with HATING Scratch.
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    @Codex404 Good point. But, just for clarification, I used the word Code in quotation marks, because that's what these companies use to get more sales. That it, after all, one of the best/worst things about a buzzword.
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    @BitFlipped ah, since the consistency on quotes wasnt that well I didnt really pay attention to any meanings that it could have.
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    Don't forget machine learning, deep learning. Just anything ai related. Ohw and agile ugh.
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    @Codex404 Actually, it was pretty consistent. All of them are things that people say that anger me
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