if(self.status().equals("alive") {
//No I'm not a robot
} else {

Recently(aka 2 days ago) RealKC.java hit age++ and now age equals 15.

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    Happy belated birthday!
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    So is the doNormalHumanActivities just going to repeat same activities over and over again
    Also i feel like the variable age may nit increase at solid intervals if there is any delay in the doNormalHumanActivities function
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    Hey, I am 15 too.
    Happy Birthday!!!🎁🎉🎂🎊🎈(all emojis my phone recommended me)
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    @amahlaka I actually didn't think it that much
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    @Jop- oh shit you're right, now if I think about it, I wanted to do something like if(date!=DEATH_DATE){...}else{...} but I fucked up
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    Happy birthday! 🎂

    I believe you dropped this: ")".
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    @shellbug I did, I really should fix my sleep schedule so I get to sleep 8 hours, or start drinking coffee
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