making electronic drums with arduino

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    Sweet! Can you tell more? My shot would be piezo contact mics mapping signal in each mic to a midi note and the volume to midi velocity. Something along those lines?
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    Nice project 😀
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    @Elkstorm actually there is this guy named Evan kale on instructables
    who gave this pretty neat idea.
    the circuit is very basic one. nothing complicated
    but the real thing is on its code
    what u are saying is exactly done by the code. but I'm struggling with multiple notes and multiple signals so I'm just playing around with the code as of now. tweaking the parameters. to be honest this is my first time using an arduino
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    @Elkstorm also if u have idea about arduino library maybe u can help me understand what is happening in the code.
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    @void would have been glad to help if I had any experience with Arduino :/ Guess its this one? https://github.com/evankale/...

    Manageable length but I would have been happier if it were Python :)
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    @Elkstorm yeah this is the repository. btw thanks for showing ur best interests 😀
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    This is interesting. Please post an update in devRant after the project is done ☺
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    @naren sure buddy!
    even there is an update I Have found the midi notes which I need to use and the threshold too.
    let's see what happens tomorrow
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    Sound like good progress - yay :) Looks like the notes for each sound is hardcoded in the .ino file and may have to be tweaked in order to fit wih different softwares. Usually kick lives on C, snare on D, closed hihat F# etc but I have seen some other configs. If you dont get sound on all notes then Arduino sending "wrong" notes might be an issue.
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    @void Made any progress? I actually bought an Arduino start kit. Amazing fun. The piezo circuit seems really simple, but I thought I should run through the basic projects first and get some practice.
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    @Elkstorm I didn't got time to mess up with the circuit but yeah last time while I was working it was the repeated not notes and sensitivity issues.
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    Thanks for the update!
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