So I got a couple of C.H.I.P. single-board computers a good while back because Raspberry Pi Zero was always out of stock.

I named them pringles, the smooth and synthetic one with a GUI, and ruffles, the sturdier and rugged one with a headless OS.

...They still lack a definitive purpose in life.

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    I love the naming!
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    Do you know where I could buy hdmi adapters for the c.h.i.p board ?

    I've been waiting on their online store for 6 months now but they still didn't get it in stock.

    I also contacted their support 2 over this, but no help there.
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    "Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. Come watch T.V."
    - Morty Smith
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    @gacbl I have no idea since I skimped on those, but it's good to know that they're not easy to come by if end up needing them.

    I usually just VNC into pringles for the GUI access, but I figured they're probably underpowered for the kinds of things I'd like them to have HDMI output for, like transcoding, emulation and so on.
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