I'm impressed about how everyones english among DevRant is nearly flawless - it's users are based all around the globe and still, I know nobody in real life who is even near fluent in speaking English (fellow German potatoes will probably know that feel)

Awesome! 😀

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    Devrant has an auto translate feature for other languages
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    It is really humbling tbh.

    In Aus, we have quite a diverse culture base (or at least in my state), but due to no neighbouring countries, our education system puts very little emphasis on foreign languages.

    Personally I know almost no bilingual people in Aus, unless English isn't their first language.
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    @noobxgenesis The US education system doesn't put a lot of emphasis on other languages either, or at least not where I'm from.

    I've taken 3 Spanish classes at 2 two different levels... Still couldn't hold a simple conversation if I wanted to.
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    My guess is that the less good speakers don't dare or try to post on devrant. Also, when you write here, you always have access to online translators or dictionaries.
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    I agree with @Brosil .
    Additionally people who don't read or write much usually don't post stuff - especially in platforms with a specific topic. The only big exceptions are common platforms like facebook. I have german friends who crucially write plain german into english or international areas. 😵
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    I guess those Spanish and Russian speakers from Sololearn should learn from devRant users.
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    @Michelle wait, didn't sololearn have different sections for different languages? I am pretty sure somebody had posted a screenshot on here with it
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    Yeah, but on the Q&A, they would ask questions in their own language. It was difficult for 90% of the users to answer them.
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    I'm Belgian and I can't pronounce English, but I have very few issues with writing English.
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    German potatoes ftw 🎉

    ...wait a second... "For the win" sounds kinda wrong in context with Germany
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    How much watch?
    Quarter five.
    Oh, such much.
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    I must say I am astonished about that too. On here the people speak english on such an high level, that I again and again fall in love with this community.
    I'm a german potato too and I know so many people, even in my company, which should just go to an english school again...So terrible to hear sometimes...

    And as a side note the bilingual or even trilingual education in germany is pretty good to be honest...
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    Techies get more out of the internet, documentation and so on if they understand English. I assume a lot of us enhanced their learning from online communication. I'm pretty sure I've communicated more in English than my native language by now.
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    its users

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    @Autism420 Oh come on 😂
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    @Michelle ikr! It was so annoying when they posted in their language, how are people supposed to help them, if they can't even understand the question?
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    @Danacus oh hai fellow Belgian !

    @theNox Just usage Google translation, dumb you. You say you're self are technology educated and you think not from use of that gender of things ! /s
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    @Brosyl uhh... What?
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    @theNox That was my impersonation of a non-english speaker telling you to use Google Translate to understand his language. On a sarcastic tone. 😁
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    I'm pretty good at listening to, reading, and even writing English. I spend hours doing them each day. But speaking, that's a different story. Speaking in my native tongue is hard already.
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    Well, when you write you can take your time, correct any mistakes you make, reword anything you feel isn't well expressed, and then hit the Post button when you're ready. It's harder to be fluent in a spoken conversation.
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    As said before, the problem is that you do not hear us speaking. I had one professor whose scripts were amazing. It was about theory of computation and in pretty much flawless english, but when he started to talk in class, everyone lost it and could not pay attention because it sounded too funny.

    It was broken academic english with a strong viennese accent.
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    @Stuxnet so true, I only know English. But my wife speaks fluent Spanish, can that count as knowing Spanish by proxy 😂?
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    Honestly, I concur with nearly everything that has been written here. First of all we're at the very least interested in IT, most of the people here seem to be working in this area in one way or another.

    I really can't imagine how you're supposed to learn anything about computers (you don't even have to get to coding) without learning English properly.

    And yeah, written language is totally different from spoken language. At my university we've some people (staff and students from all over the world) writing perfect English (and know a lot about their fields) but have a pronunciation making your skin crawl big time!

    The biggest compliment I got a few times: people thought I was from the USA and only my last name (which is distinctly German-sounding) convinced them otherwise.
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    Yes, I think so too. The only regret I have concerning my school days was being too lazy in my first year of Spanish as a second foreign language. I was never able close the gap.

    Now I even have some very nice Spaniards within my family and every time I feel deeply ashamed that I can't talk to them in their own language ;)
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    @electrineer very relatable
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    @finiteAutomaton oh hello, are you from Austria?
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    @theNox Yes I am. Living and working in Vienna.

    I vaguely remember that you study/studied here too, right?
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    @theNox Nice. Hope you have a good time.

    Besides, thank you for the many upvotes.

    (I really have to admit I upvoted your posts just because I thought you 'd do the same)
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    @finiteAutomaton that's ok haha I like giving ++'s
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