Boss: Can you modify the prototype, so that I can show it off to the customers who will visit?
Me: Sure, when do you need it?
Boss: In two hours.
Lesson learned: Always have a branch in your git with a working demo.

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    First of: never commit something what breaks the application.
    On the other hand: just checkout a older working revision.
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    @plusgut You are absolutely right. (Context: this is a hardware project) But since this was an early prototype, all there is, is a number of modules testing different functions. The goal was not to have a full product but to test all components of the hardware for reliability and durability
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    @Scade ah alright, I wish you good luck :)
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    @plusgut Thank you :)
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    @plusgut correction never commit anything broken on the master branch
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    Should be a lesson learned for your boss: never promise anything before asking the devs
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    @PerfectAsshole never commit something which is more broken then before. Independent of the branch.
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