One of my biggest annoyances: people say 8bit to describe anything remotely pixellated. These morons could look at a black and white computer image and say 8 bit

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    Best that you don't flip your bit over it, they probably can't count past 255 anyway...

    Give them a book on Boolean Algebra, and they'll be set 😂

    A _fully_ 8bit machine would actually be quite limited. Mainly your address range. If your address range is 8bit, then you can only have 256 instructions 😥

    I guess you already knew this...
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    "Pixelated" isn't in some people's vocabulary. Very nice word for describing something blocky. 🤷🤦
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    I always say retro or pixelated

    "God, I love the retro style of this game"
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    @AlgoRythm I'd say that there is a difference between retro and pixellated. Retro encompasses the whole game, and pixellated is just the graphics.
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    Well, I use "8-bit", even though I know it isn't technically correct... it just suits it well imo.
    Note: i use the term "8-bit" even for chiptune music.
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    So yeah. Fight me or something
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