Okay, almost all are failed.
Statistically speaking, I might not be fit in a team-work thing.

Usually I end up doing everything, or do nothing.

There were two worst team-work I've ever experience.

The first one: Several years ago. I was just graduated from the college. My friend suggest me to work at a small software house. The boss was a jackass in my point of view (probably I was a jackass too in his point of view). He was very reactive and eager to change. Any feature he requested will be disposed the next day. Merely because he had a better idea. There is no priority scale because all of his idea are equally important. So, after several years, we have a terrible argument, and I leave the unfinished project.

The second one: Someone ask me to be a part of her team. She had similar characteristic to my former boss. Better actually, because sometimes she still want to hear my opinion. The thing I don't like from her is her spiky working schedule. So, no one do anything for two weeks, but on the weekend, suddenly she called. Told me that the deadline was in three days. So, after a few thrilling coding experience, I leave the project.

I'm aware, it's not fully their mistake. But I learn something from them.

Nowadays, when someone ask me to be a part of their team or something, I'll analyze their personality, their working rhythm, etc.

So if you are an empoyee-wanna-be, it is important to assess your employer. Make sure that you can work together and you will be able to find peace at your workplace.

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