3 weeks to make a full mobile application. As a junior. Beat this.

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    React Native is surprisingly fast to prototype as long as you don't need to interface with specific complicated packages. I think I could cobble something decent together in 120 working hours.
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    This assumes of course that you already have the basics pinned down and met most of RN's footguns in mature projects, and that you don't have to do anything super advanced like construct predefined FS structures or respond to custom intents.
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    Because it's just JS, things that sound complicated like authentication are actually quite simple, and complication mostly arises from advanced platform integration that would be simpler if you went native (and of course knew how to make a native mobile app, which is a WAY higher bar than React Native).
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    @lorentz Even now I wouldn’t commit to that kind of deadlines. 3 weeks is a very short time if you think about it, especially when you start from scratch and try to build something production Reddit. I am pretty sure that 140h of code straight would produce something decent though, however this is in an ideal world without interruptions, doubts, changes of plans, useless meetings, edge cases, etc
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    I take it that was your baptism of fire
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    @Tounai If production ready then according to a previously written specification where any change request incurs a dev-specified delay, and the server already has to be there. Then I'd probably take it.
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    @Tounai that’s a satanic deadline for a junior. Would they expect a senior to write Zelda Tears of the Kingdom in 3 weeks? I bet they would….
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    Make a default flutter start page ... Done
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