How can I start coding again the same way I did before. I have lost the motivation now. My studies don't allow me devote much of my time on coding but I wanna do it anyway. How to get back my motivation😔😔

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    First thing is stop searching for motivation and start coding right away. Stop thinking start doing.
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    I can personally tell you as someone that perhaps could say is kind of dealing with the same, first of all dont force yourself, period, it doesnt help, it worsen everything, personally there are massive amount of time I want to ask for help but the simple though of me been reminded of what I used to be back in the day in my college years, a super 1337 dude that people though I used to love help my fellow classmates that didnt understand stuff (just wanted to show off actually) to my highly miserable current state is rather like a punishment I guess but the thing is, If you ever had love for this field, while the motivation may waver with time, the love is there, sometimes is just better to stop for a while and perhaps refresh your mind some, check other fields for while and in the journey you may find something that reactive all those neurons and you can get back in the game
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    Look for something that fucks you up.
    Then figure out exactly what the problem is.
    Then correct the problem.
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    Thank you very much guys!😊
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