If you just want to answer my question, skip to the bottom. For those who cares, some backstory:

So...I seemed to have finally caught a break; a friend of my dad owns an IT company and also makes websites...used to. It was becoming too much for him alone so he decided to discontinue, but that's where i come in. We talked a few days ago and it sounds like I'm finally going to have a decent dev related job--even if it's only mainly websites, at least I can work from anywhere once the ball starts rolling since I'll just get direct deposits. Meaning I'd be able to visit my gf in Florida and sustain myself over there while I look to build my own client base or even get a job offer, who knows?

For you guys and gals reading this, what's your favorite/preferred static site generators and css frameworks? I know that I'll be doing mostly static sites first, and i want to deliver quality work as quick as possible. I'm cool with learning a new language once it's not too obscure; i mainly do JS and I know a bit of Python, PHP, and just the basics of Go and Ruby

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    Using Typescript helps A LOT!
    In our company, we ditched writing Javascript a long time ago.
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    @PonySlaystation yeah I've heard good things about typescript, but i also get the impression that setting it up is not worth the trouble for smaller projects.

    Now not to be rude, I appreciate the suggestion, but that did not answer my question. I just wanted some suggestions for conservative css frameworks and static site generators (would Jekyll be in this category?) so that i can build light static websites as fast as possible without using heavier frameworks unnecessarily.
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    Hi there bud! Yeah Jekyll fits the bill for static site generator. But also, check out Gatsby.js, Wintersmith, Metalsmith, Hugo. My preffered one is Gatsby. Mind you these all work in a Node js environment. Which is definitely somethin that I can recommend depending on how much you like Js (i love it) and how much time you wanna invest in it.
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    @AleCx04 I'm a fullstack JS dev; I'm decent with Node, so these suggestions are perfect actually. Thanks, I'll check all of them out shen i get the chance
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