I love my job as a developer, I think it's the one of the world's most most fulfilling occupations but I procrastinate with personal projects (even paid ones). Is this a problem for anyone else, and how do you beat this?

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    Extremely hard for me too! Especially with my company's flex scheduling, I always favor getting hours in for work instead of personal endeavors. I try to set aside 2-4 hours on Sundays.
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    I use the pomodoro method alot to fight through procrastination.
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    I procrastinate my entire live with personal dev projects.
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    Thanks for the comments so far, I'd welcome more suggestions.

    As it happens, I've just finished a set of designs at 2am which took about 3 hours to get done all told.

    If I'd have done this at 9 am I'd have had a much better Sunday!
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    Find someone close to you (a sibling, a relative, a very good friend; NOT a significant one*) and get them a bit excited about your personal project. They won't stop asking you about it and you'll feel compelled to finish it.

    * your side project is actually competing with your significant other for your time, which may get nasty quickly.
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    I'm in the same boat and always seem to get distracted with the personal projects, I have tried to do it after work or at the weekends, find myself getting of course with other things to learn or different directions or best practices
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