Lenovo, you dumb fuck cunts.
How the fuck did you think it might be okay to ship a laptop with a BROKEN FUCKING WLAN DRIVER??????
This piece of shit doesn't even have RJ45 anymore.
And also who shit in your empty cavities where your brains should be when you thought it was a good thing to disable booting from anything but the main windows partition? My Mint installer stick works on any and everything I have ever tried him with except for this.

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    I bet you got one of their new modern laptops?
    The old T or even X series are/were the best.
    R. I. P
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    @ThoughtfulDev RIP indeed
    I got myself one of those bloody ultrabook thingies. So tiny and lightweight and pretty but absolutely useless.
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    Yep I've replaced 2 cards now...
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